A great starting point for an interior design project is to learn a bit about each of the styles and how they differ from one another.

1. Modern 

Modern design encompasses a lot of different incarnations, which can make it difficult to define. It combines industrial chic and mid-century modern by blending the stylistic characteristics of the industrial revolution and the 1950s. One of the fundamental things of modern design is to pay respect to the integrity of design materials. Coinciding with its focus on function, another principle of modern design is to avoid over-adornment.

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There’s more to minimalist interior design than meets the eye. Where you might think stark, minimalists see simple. You might think cold but minimalists see sleek. And where you might think boring, minimalists see sexy.There is beauty in simplicity, but like any interior design style, there’s also an element of skill required. There’s also a clear intention behind the decisions made. Here are nine principles to getting minimalist design just right.

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The path that led to Scandinavian design becoming one of the preeminent interior styles in the world in the beginning of the 21st century actually began during the end of the 19th. Scandinavian design may seem minimal. Yes, it has nuances that make it different from minimalism, modernism, and contemporary decor, but at it’s most basic level, Scandinavian design is minimal, with a focus on simplicity and functionality. At its core, Scandinavian design seeks to improve every day life.

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Contemporary interior design is about creating an environment of comfort and simplicity; uncluttered, fresh and subtly sophisticated. It showcases the beauty of space, clean lines and uncomplicated clarity. Contemporary style design is easy to achieve if you know what you’re looking for. Contemporary interior design is not exactly the same as Modern interior design. Although they may seem similar, there are many differences.

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Traditional is one of the most popular styles in interior design. It has this old-school, nostalgic charm that comes from its dated furnishings, classical design elements. More than anything else, it is symmetry that gives a formal look to traditional style interiors. Traditional interior design is based upon the styles of western homes built during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a very popular style, in the sense that it meets much appreciation and relies on the same theoretical basis of the classic one: order, symmetry, and proportion.

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The industrial style is often selected by architects and interior professionals to design spaces in large cities. What other styles are at pains to hide, the industrial style design boldly puts on display. One of the best things about industrial interior design is that it fits in nicely with just about any other home decor style. Since the industrial style is created on the area of industrial buildings, the necessary space for its creation in residential premises should be corresponding: starting from 100-200 m².

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7. French Country

There aren’t many interior design styles which are as broadly appealing as French country. French Country style design has emerged from the scenic villages of the south of France to become one of the most popular styles of interior design around the world. Simple decor and gently antiqued furniture give this rustic style a refined air, as botanical elements grace walls and tabletops. The use of light pink and lilac in combination with green and silver is very common while the floor covering involves the use of different yet unique materials.