5 Rainy Day Outfits

Rainy days aren’t just bad for hair , but for our outfits too

Here are five solid rainy day outfits that speak to different types of styles:

1.Layer a Bright Raincoat

Bat away any rainy day blues with a colorful waterproof coat. Pink is a bold option, but also fun and stylishly feminine. As for what to wear underneath? If you’re on your way to work, a blazer, jeans , and a pair of comfy sneakers will do the trick. Should there be a downpour rather than a drizzle, skip the sneakers in favor of heavy-duty waterproof boots.

2.Opt for T-shirt Dresses

The only thing more annoying than rain when you’re having a good hair day is a torrential downpour that completely drenches your jeans. Because sitting at your desk in bottoms still dripping water isn’t pleasant or comfortable.Good idea is to wear dresses (or light-weight leggings that dry rather quickly). Rainy-day outfit: a raincoat, a T-shirt dress, and sporty sneakers.

3.Buy a Bubble Umbrella

No raincoat, no problem. Clear bubble umbrellas are the next best water-repellent accessory, providing coverage while allowing you to see the path in front of you. Opt for a cute long trench like this street style star’s and leave it unbuttoned to show off your top, then wear with jeans and patent waterproof ankle boots. This look will come in handy when you’re caught in the rain during Fashion Week.

4.Keep Adding Layers

You probably witnessed this trick on every fashion girl last season: layer two coats (a trench and a see-through rain jacket) on top of each other. It’s an effortless look that gives you instant street style cred.


5.Add Colorful Accessories

When it rains, and getting dressed seems harder than usual, it’s easy to default to an all-black outfit. Keep your look from fully succumbing to gloominess with a rainbow of accessories. This street style star gave her navy and black outfit life with a bright red top-handle satchel. Before you rush out the door, take a minute or two to throw on floral earrings or a colored gemstone ring to prove the weather won’t bring down your style.