Best Paint Colors For Bedrooms

In many cases, simply changing up the paint in a room can give a space a major facelift

1.Blue Escape

Escape into a blue façade. The color is as light and airy as the mist you’d feel from an actual fountain. The clear, blue presence of the walls makes the hanging art look especially gorgeous with such a crisp canvas to sit on.

2.Light Blue

This color is almost a whitish blue, with crisp notes of cream and bright highlights in pale blue. This more pale color is a great way to revamp a bedroom because it has the freedom of white walls with a touch of added color.

3.Vivid Green

Green is totally in these days. Green cars, green kitchen sets, so why not green bedrooms? This fantastic, bright green color is sure to be eye-catching as well as make the room feel happy and pleasing to be in. This would make a great color for a kid’s bedroom or even a swanky art studio.

4.Tropical Paradise

This bedroom emanates that calming effect. With all those subdued colors, you’d have to be pretty fried not to feel at peace in this bedroom. The color of the walls is a mix of eggshell and cream. The gorgeous color allows the natural light to shine through the bedroom.

5.Cream Dream

This wonderfully serene bedroom features plenty of light colors. The cream walls are paired well with all the oak furniture and the cozy bedding. This would be a perfect bedroom setup for a country house or even a guest house near a lake. The colors all coincide well together.

6.Classic Bedroom

This classic, vintage inspired bedroom has all the right color schemes to make this room feel pleasant and calm. The rest of the room’s decorations and furnishings pair well with the more subdued color.

7.Peppery Gray

The smoky, peppery gray color is a more prominent theme throughout the room, but oddly enough, there isn’t too much gray due to the contrasts. The matching embellishments such as the bedspread and furnishings only bring out the smoky gray.

8.Purple Dream

The color is called Iced Mauve . The color is almost like a frosted lavender color and equally as serene. This would be an ideal color for a baby’s nursery or even a master bedroom.

9. Magic Purple

The color is a deep, mysterious purple that is perfect for a more modern bedroom since it’s not a typical color you’d see in a bedroom. The color makes the other colors of the room stand out beautifully.

10. Pink Paradise

This wonderfully pink bedroom would be the ideal setup for a children’s room. This color,brings out some of the most mellow, yet happy tones, ideal for a children’s playroom or bedroom. You don’t see this more subdued pink color so often, so it’s definitely a modern spin.