It’s difficult to find some down-time and relax on most days, over the New Year and the holiday season, it gets even harder to make time to relax!

We are often on an auto-pilot mode as we get through our days but there is much benefit to be had by taking a time-out and focusing a little more on relaxation. Our body needs rest and recuperation as much as it is naturally geared toward activity and movement. 

The right balance

Finding the right balance for you as an individual is paramount. What is “normal” for you may not be normal for someone else! Anxiety can quickly build if it remains unchecked, and the effects of anxiety and stress can be quite damning to our health overall. It can affect our physical, mental and emotional well being in numerous ways. When the body is on constant over-drive it weakens and becomes less adept at functioning at its best. 

Anti-Anxiety foods

As well as ensuring we have some time for rest and stepping back from stressful living, some foods can help to promote calm and ease tension. Of course, food alone isn’t the answer to combating anxiety but it can form a big part of the process alongside other lifestyle changes!

Brazil nuts. These nuts are supremely high in selenium and Vitamin E. Both Selenium and vitamin E have high anti-oxidant properties that can help to reduce or prevent cell damage. Selenium can improve cognitive function and support better thyroid health. 

Eggs. Eggs are a great source of Vitamin D, they are known as a super-food as they are so nutritious. Over winter time, vitamin D levels may be lower as we normally get a lot of Vitamin D from the sun- and we don’t see much of the sun in the darker days of the cold season! Some studies have noted the beneficial effects of Vitamin D on people that suffer from SAD (seasonal affected disorder) 

Dark Chocolate. Yay! Dark chocolate is very high in magnesium. Magnesium can potentially improve symptoms of depression, the darker the chocolate- the better! At least 70% dark chocolate is what you should aim for, some studies have shown that it can reduce the levels of perceived stress or anxiety.


Lavender and Chamomile. Both of these herbal remedies have super calming qualities. Lavender is well known as a relaxation remedy and chamomile can potentially reduce symptoms of anxiety. Try them as a herbal tea infusion!