The most important thing with dress sense and fashion is to create a total look. The hair,
make up, shoes and accessories are just as important as the clothes we wear.

You don’t need to be a slave to fashion – use what’s ‘in’ as a guide and pick out pieces that
suit your body shape and your own individual style.

Fashion should be FUN – use it as a way to express yourself and the way you are feeling.

Wear what feels comfortable – you can always tell when someone isn’t 100% comfortable in
what they are wearing – they fidget and look less confident.

Build your wardrobe starting with basics that won’t go out of fashion. These are the pieces
that are worth spending a bit of money on.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to dress well and understanding fashion is a skill like
any other. Take the time to ‘research’ fashion trends and see how others dress by flicking
through magazines and looking at websites online. Street style blogs and websites are
great to see what everyday people are wearing and how they pull it all together.

Shop mindfully – keep a list of the things you really need on your phone or in your diary so
that when you are out shopping you can refer to it instead of being caught up in the
moment and buying something you don’t need.

Upgrade your existing wardrobe – before throwing anything out, consider whether it can be
altered. If not, give it away, have a swap night or sell it on eBay. One man’s trash is
another man’s treasure!

Wear appropriate underwear that cannot be seen under your outfit. G-strings and seamless
underwear are great.

Get your bra fitted properly – we often don’t wear the right size and this can cause damage
down the track.

Always try before you buy.

Consider where the garment came from – who made it, how far it travelled, the impact it may have had on the environment, etc. Each time we buy something we are essentially voting for the type of world we want to live in. Support businesses that are doing positive things.

Dress to flatter your body shape – refer to the body shape documents for your particular